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poniedziałek, 12 grudnia 2016 11:53

The List of Our White Papers on International IT/ICT Market Segments (as of 2015)

1. Banking&Insurance;
2. Business Analytics
4. Computers
5. Consulting
6. Entertainment
7. ERP systems and related
8. Financial electronic services
9. Hardware
10. Cloud, Media and Internet
11. Outsourcing (BPO)
12. Printers (top 10 list)
13. Security
14. Semiconductors
15. SMB segment
16. Software General
17. System integration (top 50 list)
18. Conglomerate (top 10 list)
19. Telecommunication
20. Currencies and their Purchasing Power Growth


The data published here refer to the revenues of nearly 600 companies or its business entities at the end of financial year 2015. Our survey methodology defines a FY2015 as this financial reporting period, whose weighted majority intersects with calendar year 2015. Therefore effectiveliy the revenues presented ultimately end as far as on June 2016. This definition in some cases contradicts with own financial period approach delivered by companies. But on the other hand possibly most truly reflects the behavior of the IT/ICT market on surveyed year.

The list of surveyed ICT submarkets  is complete. Certain topics and some data are intentionally unpublished.

(C) Copyright by DiS, 2016.