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The Business Process Outsourcing is a such kind of services that transfers the operations and responsibilities of a specific process to a third-party entity. Originally BPO was associated with transportation and logistics area. Nowadays BPO encroaches many various areas, such as production, maintenance and repair operations MRO, customer service, Information Technology or accounting. BPO services support companies inland, nearshore and offshore. New communication technologies let companies tranferring large amount of data in long distance, and getting back these data processed and enriched with human intellectual work.

The BPO in information technology is not easy to define now. At the beginning it included MRO and system maintenance. Now many companies, even so clasically associated with IT as IBM or HP are keen to serve many BPO services, that encompass software code development, accounting, HCM processing, CRM, business analytics on demand and so forth. So, to the BPO area are attracted old classical IT companies looking for new opportinities. But also many new companies are established to conquer this new segment of activity. Some of them grow in low-cost countries such as India, China or Russia. Some of them perform as iterative subcontractors. So the value of BPO market is difficult to determine, when you consider too many companies from this area.

Sometimes it is being extremely difficult to distinguish an IT consulting company from IT BPO service company. Especially when it is vertically specialised entity. The difference between consulting and the Business Process Outsourcing is nowadaysdis not so clear and undisputable to define than some years ago. Generally, consulting is a service supporting knowledge for customers. Business Process Outsourcing also often consists of knowledge support, but BPO's actual aim is to replace (or simply reduce) some of the employees hired by a customer. All the presented results in the ranking here show total revenues of the company, when a company's core business encompasses area surveyed here. When a company is big, only its BPO entity revenues are shown. The revenues mainly are coming from BPO services. BPO seems to be shrinking now in some years. However in low-cost countries it is too good business opportunity to withdraw for BPO suppliers.

The revenues of entities presented here are all translated into US Dollars from a currency of original country where a company is active (and most often registered). Applied exchange rate is annual average for respective years 2011-2015. The market of BPO is less concentrated than a consulting market. The companies on BPO market are growing quickly, but very often are subject to mergers and acquisitions. Reviewed sample of 30 leading entities in total revenue hardly exceeds $100 billion, what is significantly less than the results of 20 leading entities from consulting services segment.


Revenues 2015 of Remarkable Entities at Outsourcing and the Business Process Outsourcing Area

No Company or its Division Country Revenue 2015 in $million Change from 2014
Total 116 281 -4,9%
1 IBM, Global Technology Services US 32017 -13,8%
2 HPE/HP (Enterprise Services) US 19806 -11,6%
3 ADP, Automatic Data Processing US 11668 6,7%
4 Infosys IN 9501 9,1%
5 Wipro IN 7733 3,7%
6 HCL Technologies IN 6387 10,4%
7 Teleperformance FR 3626 3,1%
8 CSC, Global Infrastructure Services US 3469 -15,0%
9 Convergys US 2951 3,3%
10 Genpact BM 2460 7,9%
11 Atento BR 1966 -14,4%
12 Computershare AU 1961 -0,5%
13 Tieto FI 1558 -19,7%
14 TeleTech Holdings US 1287 3,6%
15 Sykes Enterprises US 1286 -3,1%
16 Neusoft CN 1195 -2,0%
17 Mphasis IN 941 -0,3%
18 EPAM Systems US 914 25,2%
19 Acxiom US 850 -16,7%
20 Mindtree IN 702 25,2%
21 Transcom SE 669 -14,8%
22 Luxoft CH 651 25,0%
23 ExlService Holdings US 628 25,9%
24 WNS Holdings IN 562 5,2%
25 Hexaware IN 468 15,0%
26 ZenSar Technologies IN 453 9,3%
27 GlobalLogic US 315 27,0%
28 Cybercom(e) SE 149 -15,9%
29 Ericpol Telecom PL 93 -9,1%
30 Stream Global Services(e) (now Convergys) US 15 -91,2%

Source: DiS, 2016. (e) - estimated value.




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