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It is being more and more difficult to meet a company working only within pure IT consulting area. Here are presented companies that supply a consulting as a majority of its scope. However it is not often Information Technology consulting. In many cases in surveyed entities consulting services comprise new solutions advisory in many various domains, such as: accounting, business, law, management, public sector, banking, insurance or manufacturing. Nevertheless this consulting is supported by many IT specialists, as well as people with a mathematical or economic background.

The revenues of presented entities are all translated into US Dollars from a currency of original country where a company is active (and most often registered). Applied exchange rate is annual average for respective years 2011-2015. The market of consulting is quite highly concentrated and as it is shown here in total exceeds a value of $250 billion. It seems sufficient to present a list containing revenues of only 20 most remarkable companies or their selected divisions. Many other companies supply IT consulting services, but only few of them do not mix this service with other activities.

The majority of presented results in the ranking here show total revenues of the company, when a company's core business encompasses area surveyed here. The revenues mainly are coming from consulting services. In one case, taken results constitute only a part of total revenues of a company.

Pure consulting seems to be shrinking now, and its development pace is slowing down. The difference between consulting and Business Process Outsourcing is nowadays not so clear and undisputable to define than some years ago. Generally, consulting is a service supporting knowledge for customers. Business Process Outsourcing also often consists of knowledge support, but BPO's actual aim is to replace some of employees .


Revenues 2015 of Remarkable Entities at Consulting Area

No Company or its Division Country Revenue 2015 in $million Change from 2014
Total 260 222 1,3%
1 Deloitte UK 36800 4,5%
2 PwC UK 35896 1,5%
3 Accenture IE 32914 3,3%
4 Ernst & Young UK 29626 3,4%
5 KPMG NL 24440 -1,5%
6 IBM Global Business Services US 17166 -12,0%
7 Tata Consultancy Services IN 16272 9,1%
8 Capgemini FR 12716 -5,9%
9 Cognizant Technology Solutions US 12416 21,0%
10 Atos FR 11404 -1,2%
11 McKinsey&Company(e) US 8361 1,5%
12 Booz Allen Hamilton US 5406 2,5%
13 Experian IE 4550 -5,4%
14 Tech Mahindra IN 3968 11,3%
15 CSC, Global Business Services - GBS US 3637 -10,5%
16 SAP consulting(e) DE 2828 -18,1%
17 Itelligence, a NTT Data company DE 743 4,6%
18 Lionbridge US 560 14,1%
19 KPIT Technologies IN 490 0,2%
20 Plaut AT 28 -33,8%

Source: DiS, 2016. (e) - estimated value.




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