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The market of Financial Electronic Services (FeS) includes electronic payment services, card payments and merchant services. Some of these duties are supplied by strictly financial instututions (e.g. banks), some by businesses that speciaize in financial data processing. We carry out here the review of the companies that core business in its majority is FES. This information brings us flavour of that market and the differences from typical BFSI IT area (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance).

The revenues of presented entities are all translated into US Dollars from a currency of original country where a company's principal executive offices (headquarters) appear. Applied exchange rate is annual average for respective years 2011-2015.The list below includes the revenues of top 20 most remarkable companies or, if necessary, its selected divisions (called Financial eServices Segment or Payment Segment) whose focus is FeS. Some results in the ranking comprise total revenues of the company, when a company's core business encompasses area surveyed here. However in many cases, taken results constitute only a part of their total revenues. This occurs when companies are specialised in many other areas, remarkably different from this presented here,. e.g. banking, insurance, lending, leasing, e-commerce ec.


Revenues 2015 of Remarkable Entities at Financial Electronic Services Area

No Company or its Division Country Revenue 2015 in $million Change from 2014
Total 109 506 3,7%
1 American Express US 32818 -4,0%
2 VISA US 13880 9,3%
3 First Data US 11451 2,7%
4 Mastercard US 9667 2,4%
5 PayPal US 9248 15,2%
6 Worldpay UK 5819 0,8%
7 UnionPay(e) CN 4221 19,8%
8 Discover/Diners, Services US 3612 -2,2%
9 Global Payments US 2898 4,5%
10 Total System Services US 2780 13,6%
11 JCB JP 2389 13,3%
12 Ingenico FR 2345 14,4%
13 Gemalto, Payment&Identity NL 1940 31,4%
14 US Bancorp ATM&merchant proc. services US 1865 1,8%
15 Euronet Worldwide US 1772 6,5%
16 Wirecard DE 823 7,3%
17 SWIFT BE 758 -5,4%
18 Paysafe/Skrill/Moneybookers UK 613 68,4%
19 Intuit Payment Solutions(e) US 329 -19,4%
20 Qiwi CY 278 -24,1%

Source: DiS, 2016. (e) - estimated value.




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