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raporty 2017 o rynku ICT Drukuj Email
piątek, 16 czerwca 2017 12:23

Uprzejmie informujemy, że zostały już przeprowadzone analizy rynku ICT za rok 2016 i są właśnie wydane.

mapka eksportu IT z Polski

Analizy oparto na danych ponad 250 podmiotów i jednostek biznesowych czołowych polskich firm teleinformatycznych. Pytajcie o raporty DiS na ten temat

raport o eksporcie informatyki (kompendium 100 w promocji) Drukuj Email
czwartek, 27 kwietnia 2017 19:35

Eksport, czy dokładniej: sprzedaż zagraniczna prowadzona przez polskie firmy informatyczne jest tą formą działalności, która pozwala krajowej branży na rozwój i osiągnięcie rozmiarów, na lokalnym rynku raczej nieosiągalnych.

mapka eksportu IT z Polski

Poznajcie szczegóły analizy działalności eksportowej 100 firm informatycznych opisanych w raporcie, który teraz sprzedajemy ze znacznym upustem.

DiS zbiera dane rynkowe za 2016 rok Drukuj Email
wtorek, 25 kwietnia 2017 11:33

zebraliśmy dane już ponad 250 podmiotów, ale nadal zbieramy informacje o przychodach w sektorze ICT w 2016 roku oraz o branżowych kontraktach ERP 2016; gdyby ktoś chciał opowiedzieć o tym w usystematyzowanej for-

The White Paper on Semiconductors Market 2015 Worldwide Drukuj Email
piątek, 17 lutego 2017 00:36

The review of semiconductor manufacturers includes the biggest independent entities actually working, that are specialized in semiconductor production and sell supply their products. We exclude from the set these companies that diversified their production and supply many other products. These entities quite frequently use their own semiconductors for a production of other products.

The White Paper on IT Hardware Market 2015 Worldwide Drukuj Email
czwartek, 16 lutego 2017 23:13

The review of harware includes many different area: network switches, card adapters, telecommunication appliances, disks, disk arrays, computer components, LCD screens, cameras and many other. This review excludes from hardware area either printers or computers, that are shown in detail at another white paper here.

The White Paper on Computers & Smartphones Market 2015 Worldwide Drukuj Email
czwartek, 16 lutego 2017 22:45

The review of computers and smartphones suppliers shows how much concentrated is this market. Its volume is quite big. However it is difficult to act on this market as an independent company.The review hardly points out a set of 17 suppliers, still very competitive companies.

The White Paper on Digital Entertainment Market Worldwide 2015 Drukuj Email
poniedziałek, 23 stycznia 2017 19:01

The digital entertainment was quite simple before Internet era. In these days electronic entertainment was based on both hardware and software. The electronic harware could be more or less specialized computers such as Microsoft's Xbox, Sony's consoles. Eventually personal computers without net connection. Now consoles and new games for them are still available for customers, however its popularity is decreasing and overtaken by Internet and mobile games for cell phones and smartphones. Internet games are more and more founded on Internet social mechanisms and implemented as the MMORPG. There is a growing revenue of companies who supply games for AppStore repository, from where customers of Apple iPad could download them. Also Facebook's partner game suppliers record increasing revenues.

The White Paper on System Integration Market 2015 Worldwide Drukuj Email
wtorek, 17 stycznia 2017 15:55

The area of small share system integration occurs in majority of IT companies. However a minority of them are specialized in this kind of job. The list below includes the revenues of top 50 the most remarkable companies or its selected divisions whose major focus is System Integration. Taken into consideration are these companies or their reported enities, whose revenue from system integration exceeds 50%.

The White Paper on the CAD-GIS Market Worldwide 2015 Drukuj Email
wtorek, 17 stycznia 2017 09:34

The CAD-GIS  market encompasses many areas, that can be divided into two different groups. One includes manufacturing engineering systems, the second includes various geographical information systems (GIS). Manufacturing systems contain Product Lifecycle Management systems (PLM), and among these: especially CAD (computer aided design) or CAE (computer aided engineering), but also CAM (computer aided manufacturing). CAD-GIS system suppliers were subjected multiple mergers and acquisitions within recent years. However it is quite respectable that many of CAD-GIS products survived against numerous takeovers of their developers.

The White Paper on Consulting Market Worldwide 2015 Drukuj Email
wtorek, 10 stycznia 2017 08:30

It is being more and more difficult to meet a company working only within pure IT consulting area. Here are presented companies that supply a consulting as a majority of its scope. However it is not often Information Technology consulting. In many cases in surveyed entities consulting services comprise new solutions advisory in many various domains, such as: accounting, business, law, management, public sector, banking, insurance or manufacturing. Nevertheless this consulting is supported by many IT specialists, as well as people with a mathematical or economic background.

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